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About Our Spray Painter London Team
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Whether you have a small project to get done, or you have multiple ceilings and walls within your property that are discolored or in need of re-decorating, our spray painting service and local spray painters in London will show you the benefits of getting your work done by the professionals at Knight Refurbishment.

Our team of local spray painters in London offer a specialist walls & ceiling spraying service to homeowners, landlords and property professionals. Using our years of industry experience with spray painter projects, we are able to do wall spray painting and ceiling spray painting of all types, providing a better finish than will be possible with a brush and roller. We also spray paint new plaster which provides a completely smooth finish throughout, meaning no brush or roller marks.

Knight Refurbishment: Highest Wall Spray Painting London Standard

When it comes to wall spray painting service in London, Knight Refurbishment is the company to call for results you can trust.

Our spray painter team boasts years of industry experience and a stunning portfolio of projects that showcase their many wall spray painting jobs across London homes and businesses. Working with experienced local spray painters ensures that we are able to offer both reasonable prices as well as high quality results, not to mention our outstanding customer service.

For all our wall spray painting and ceiling spray painting work in London we work closely with clients to deliver the style they want and a look that will impress. Professional work done to the highest standards, that is what each of of local spray painters guarantees, without exception.

To discuss our spray painting service in London, contact us today, we’ll soon get to work and get things done.

Benefits of Repainting walls with a Top Spray Painting Company

Consistent Application of Paint
When it comes to wall spray painting your London property, the one coat required for a beautiful finish eliminates the issue of doubling up on areas, making the hue of the whole wall identical and seamless.

Interior Wall Painting Quality
Our spray painter calls wall spray painting the only way to avoid lumpy paint, bubbles, and runs, all while getting a fantastic wall color with no blemishes to spoil it.

Clean As a Whistle
Wall spray painting your London property eliminates the possibility of paint splatters, leaving your home with beautifully painted walls.

Interior Painting Experience
Our spray painter teams working in London have over a decade of experience painting interior walls, so you will only ever have top painting professionals working on your projects.

Wall Spray Painting Speed
Due to only a single coat being required, your spray painting projects will be completed in no time. This leaves you with more time for other renovation projects, or much-needed downtime, while our spray painter does all the work.

Spray Painter London Company Explains
The Work Process of Wall Spray Painting

Our spray painting service in London is thorough, professional and cost effective, with streamlined stages that ensure stunning results…


Before any spray painting work in London, we take time to visit your premises to conduct a survey and will then provide you with a quote for the job. All quotes are provided free.


Our local spray painters in London will discuss project timescales and particular demands, such as working outside of office or retail hours, and come up with a project plan.


You tell our local spray painters in London what types of paint are required and the colours and we’ll provide a bespoke colour matching service, or if preferred clients can opt to choose from a wide range of standard colours.


Our spray painter team in London will always honour your schedule, arriving at your premises on time, and ready to carefully prepare the surfaces by cleaning off dirt, mould, old peeling paint and using a high build etch primer to get rid of any scratches or indents. We can also fill any damaged areas as required before spraying.


When this is done, our spray painter will mask any glass or nearby items and sheet up the surrounding area as required to protect the immediate area.


As soon as we have done all the preparation and other work, the wall spray painting and/or ceiling spray painting is done efficiently and professionally by our highly experienced technicians, always using the best paints spray system which ensures overspray is controlled and that a uniform coverage is applied to the highest standard. Not only is the procedure fast, but it provides a wonderfully smooth ‘like new’ finish.


On completion of the spray painting service and work, our local spray painters will remove all of the masking from around your London property, before tidying up all of the equipment and cleaning the whole area before seeking the final client sign off and approval.

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