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Furniture Spraying & Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets London!

What Should You Know About
Furniture Spray Painting In London

When it comes to furniture spray painting in London, Knight Refurbishment is the team that is on hand to provide the very best spray painting services for designers, traders and domestic clients. Our years of industry experience guarantee that our furniture spaying work across London offers genuinely high quality paint finishes on MDF, wood, glass and metal joinery using the latest technology with high quality paints and lacquers to give you the best results.

Whatever furniture spray painting or spray painting for kitchen cabinets our London clients want, we are proud to offer a full collection and delivery service in and around the capital. Thanks to our years of invaluable industry experience, our furniture spray painting work, including, work such as wood spray painting and polishing, glass and metal painting, clear and tinted lacquering, veneer and solid timber finishes, never fails to deliver results that people love

Contact Knight Refurbishment to discuss furniture spray painting projects you may have and we’ll work hard to get you a quote and a schedule that works for you.


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Furniture Spray Painting London Projects

Using their many years of industry experience, our furniture spray painting team in London use all the skills and dedication to deliver work of the very highest standards and the best quality coatings to different surfaces including MDF, wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc.

When you work with Knight Refurbishment, you will enjoy the results of our furniture spraying at your London property, and enjoy how we can quickly and effortlessly restore and respray your kitchen area, external and internal doors, wardrobes, mirror frames and lots of other furniture items.

Our Knight Refurbishment promise for all our furniture spraying projects in London is that we will only ever use the best quality paints and equipment in order to satisfy each client’s requirements, delivering results they will appreciate. Whether you want matt, gloss, satin or something else, our furniture spraying team in London will get work to your specifications.

Benefits of Refinishing Furniture with a trusted Spray Painting Company

Furniture Paint Spread
Furniture spray painting around your London home is the only way to get a consistent and uniform appearance, which is where our furniture spraying experts come in, using their decades of invaluable industry experience to deliver only the top quality furniture painting you would expect and deserve.

Furniture Repainting Quality
Furniture spraying is the best way to get a brand new look for your furniture as well as one that looks seamless. Where regular painting with a brush and rollers leads to dripping paint, bubbles, and uneven coating, furniture spray painting gives quality and perfection.

Paint Precision
If you are looking for a precise finish, furniture spray painting offers this as well as helping you to avoid having paint end up on the surfaces of your furniture that you do not want to be painted. This allows you to have peace of mind and also get creative with your furniture repainting, from furniture spray paint to respraying kitchen cabinets.

Same furniture, New Look
Instead of spending money on new furniture, think about furniture spray painting around your London home, which can give you a whole new look, transforming your space as well as saving you money.

Popular Furniture Spray Painting Quote:
Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets London

When it comes to furniture spray painting at your London property, getting the work done by the professionals is the key to your success, and the best way to extend the life of existing cabinets with a truly stunning style makeover.

From faded cabinets to outdated styles, our professional team can respray kitchen cabinets in your London home in a way that will not just deliver a fresh look, it will ensure that you get the colour and aesthetics you have always wanted.

We know that for many people the kitchen is the heart of the home, the hub of your entertainment space, which is why we work closely with each client to find a reasonable price for furniture spraying and professional spray painting for kitchen cabinets, staying within your budget as well as your style.

Our work includes respray kitchen cabinets projects, furniture spraying on cabinets, drawers, plinths, end panels, cornices and pelmets. Our furniture spraying team in London uses the latest technology and the most trusted methods to rejuvenate and revitalize your kitchen, delivering the wow factor as well as the results that last.

Difference Between Furniture Painting
Furniture Spraying London VS Traditional Paint

When it comes to furniture spraying for our London clients, there are two methods from which you can choose: brush painting or spray painting.

Put simply,  brush painting is exactly what it sounds like, that is painting using a paintbrush or roller to apply the paint. For professional spray painting kitchen cabinets in London properties, the process involves using a paint sprayer to evenly apply each coat of paint over the cabinet doors. Although the terms are similar, spray painting, in this case, has nothing to do with using cans of spray paint.

Our furniture spraying experts in London are always careful to remind clients that their cabinets should always be repainted with cabinet paint, which is a paint specifically designed to stand up to the demands of kitchen life, including repeated touching as doors are opened and closed, food and liquid spills and encounters with steam and heat coming from your oven or stove. Cabinet paints are specifically formulated to dry harder so that they can hold up to constant use and wear over time.No other paint variety can provide as much resistance to kitchen wear as the type specifically designated for cabinet finishing. For example, latex paint has a tendency to streak and peel with lots of use, and in a short time, may ruin the painstakingly planned look of your beautiful kitchen.

Whether you need spray painting for your kitchen cabinets, general furniture spraying or other painting work, both methods are debated in terms of what is best and what you may need. At Knight Refurbishment, we offer honest advice and professional furniture spraying, always keeping costs down and putting customer needs first.

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