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When it comes to creating the finest kitchen renovation London, Knight Refurbishment is the company to call and the team to trust. Our kitchen fitters offer a wealth of industry experience, while our kitchen installation London service also comes with design advice about how to create a new room which is effortlessly functional, aesthetically unique and stunning in every sense.

From full kitchen renovation projects in London townhouses, to kitchen makeovers in London loft apartments, our kitchen installation service London delivers everything you need with professional work and project management from start to finish, creating your dream space at the end.

Our customer focussed approach, kitchen design acumen and kitchen fitting expertise makes us one of the most trusted kitchen renovation London companies and gives all our clients peace of mind about the quality of our work and the end results of their kitchen renovation projects in London.

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When it comes to kitchen fitting, kitchen refurbishment, kitchen design, kitchen renovation or kitchen remodeling London, Knight Refurbishment has a trusted reputation and a talented team of experienced tradesmen. All our kitchen fitters London put customers first, using our clients’ specifications as their guide.  Our kitchen redesign team in London works with each client from creating the initial design to the finished kitchen installation, keeping customers in the know each step of the way.

How A Kitchen Renovation London Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Space

As an established and trusted kitchen renovation company London, we know that kitchens, even if not that old, can often be something homeowners want to change to make the most of their space.

In terms of good kitchen design, a professional kitchen fitting can include change to the overall layout of counter space, cabinet placements, and wall and floor use. Put simply, sometimes kitchen renovation contractors can transform your entire room by changing the layout.

When you decide to get kitchen renovation contractors London to do a functional redesign at your property, these are a few things to consider:

  • Professional kitchen fitting can help you get more storage space and cabinets that make your kitchen feel more spacious without actually increasing the square footage.
  • Our kitchen fitters can help you incorporate and install new, sleeker appliances, making your kitchen both smarter as well as easier to use.
  • The flow of your kitchen will change with the layout, allowing you to free up counter, floor, and wall space, and move from a cluttered space to a bright, airy, spacious one, something our kitchen renovation contractors London do well, every time.

Preparing for the kitchen assembly London process at your property

Before Installation

– Clear all kitchen countertops for our kitchen fitters.

– Remove anything hanging on kitchen walls and move furniture away from walls where cabinet installation will occur, giving room for a seamless kitchen fitting.

– Ensure you have a designated space for the new cabinets to be stored when our kitchen fitters at your London location to do the installation.

During Installation
During a professional kitchen assembly London, while having your installing kitchen cabinets process done, you must make sure you are around to ensure cabinets are installed exactly where you want them, avoiding any errors in placement. Once the cabinets are installed and the kitchen assembly is finished, and before our kitchen fitters leave, we ask all our clients to make sure all cabinet doors open and close properly, and to let our kitchen fitters know about any issues immediately so they can resolve them.

After Installation
Whenever you have a kitchen assembly London done at your property, be sure to read all manufacturer instructions for caring for your kitchen cabinets and other fixtures and fittings. Cleaning and maintaining your cabinets as per the manufacturer’s instructions will help to ensure your cabinets’ longevity, that is something we know well.

Kitchen Installation London:
Why Is It Better To Hire
Proffesional Kitchen Fitters London

At Knight Refurbishment, we know that no two kitchen fitting or kitchen renovation London projects are ever the same, which is why our kitchen fitters are equipped and experienced to do whatever is needed for different clients and their various requirements.

From bespoke cabinets to full kitchen makeovers, our kitchen redesign teams and kitchen fitters London are on hand to show clients the true value of professional advice and craftsmanship.

When doing a new kitchen fitting or a new kitchen renovation London, there are several things to consider before a stitch of work is even started:

Whether the new kitchen renovation in your London home will make up part of an extension or larger renovation, our kitchen fitters London can help you to achieve your dreamed results. In these cases a kitchen installation company practical skills and professional experience will be invaluable.

For any kitchen renovation in London, think about where party walls (walls shared between you and a neighbor) are likely to be affected by the work or when removing or constructing internal walls – especially structural walls (load-bearing).

Our kitchen fitters will also need to consider where floors need to be dug up and/or re-laid, perhaps because of damp issues or for the installation of underfloor heating.

Before you start your kitchen renovation London project in your home, think about where you are sourcing the elements that make up a kitchen (worktops, unit doors, appliances etc.) from several separate suppliers and won’t be using a supplier’s in-house fitting service.

One of the most critical elements when doing kitchen fitting, be it a new kitchen installation or a kitchen renovation in your London property, is whether you need building regulations approval or compliance, helping you determine if you need kitchen installation service or a full-time project manager to run the kitchen renovation on your behalf.

Do You Know How
Should You Plan Your Kitchen Refurbishment London Project?

When it comes to doing a kitchen refurbishment in your London home, there are many things to consider before you decide on the final elements of your kitchen design and kitchen fitting requirements.

Creating, finalizing, and developing your kitchen renovation plans for your London home will be much less stressful if you use one of our professional kitchen fitters and kitchen redesign professionals to guide you through.

Not only will your kitchen fitting be less stressful, but you can also discuss style, design, color schemes, and even storage solutions with our kitchen fitting London professionals, to discuss things that can include:

Most kitchen renovation projects in London are based around how people want to use the space they create or update. For many, kitchen renovation is about creating a hub for dining and entertainment, for others, to create room for a bigger dining area where they can eat as well as work. From kitchen renovations that incorporate a stunning new island, to kitchen fitting that is designed to maximize storage in smaller London spaces, how you use your space should guide your kitchen renovation choices.

Almost every kitchen fitting job we do in London comes with a list of items that have to be in the kitchen, Including a cooker, sinsk, fridge/freezers, dishwashers, worktops and fixed units. With these all sorted, our kitchen redesign team can help you think about the other things you may want to include room for during your kitchen refurbishment, such as coffee machines, instant boiling water taps, a wine cooler, under-unit lighting or an island unit for example.

Every kitchen needs things such as an oven, fridge freezer, with other items being more of a luxury or choice situation, like a coffee machine or ice maker, for example. . Our kitchen fitters and kitchen installation experts in London can help you decide on things such as a slimline dishwasher, which could help with creating space for other units, helpful for kitchen renovations where room is at a premium.

One of the final pre-work things you need to do before your kitchen fitting or kitchen remodelling project in your London home is decide on the exact styles and finishes you want. With so many choices, styles, materials and layouts, our kitchen redesign portfolio can be helpful in guiding you, before you hand over to your professional kitchen fitters who can make your dream kitchen and bring your London home back to life.

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